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Trans 30 day challenge- Day 3

3) Have you ever been outed?

Ugh, yes, once or twice. It’s never put me in any real danger, but it’s made things awkward. This was the worst: My girlfriend and I had been going to an English country dancing group, where I was able to pass as cismale because no one but her and her family knew otherwise. We made a couple friends there- really cool guys who danced and fenced and had gorgeous costumes and were actually so much fun to hang out with. I started chatting with them online, and joined a facebook group of historic dancing events.

Then I met one of them downtown when I was with my family. He recognized me, said hi, greeted me by my proper name and we chatted a bit. Then (and I could hear funeral bells in my head when she did) my mother - who was still having A LOT of problems with this whole thing - comes over.

"Hi, I’m [oldname]’s mother."

He looks at me, I look at him. We struggle through some awkward pleasantries with my mother, and he makes his excuses and leaves. I message him later, he acts like nothing’s the matter but I never hear from him again.

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